IKAPSI (Alumni Association of  Yogyakarta Psychology College)



IKAPSI is an intitution which responsible in managing Human Resource, in this case they have to maintain also develop human recources capability so they are able to make that institution greatly established. Alumni Association of  Yogyakarta Psychology College (IKAPSI) feel really honored become a part of  STIPSI Yogyakarta big family, which has a purpose to give positive contribution for Yogyakarta Psychology College.



Become an organization for alumni which is concerned to build togetherness, professionalism also set up good connection for their prosperity.


-Providing information also consultation relating to business development as well as human resources for their member and student of Yogyakarta Psychology College.
-Creating and developing informative relationship among alumni together with their related parties.
-Performing some events for developing human resources in seminar as well as training methods.



We had carried out some events for our alumni as:

-Alumni Register

Alumni of STIPSI are spread out into several areas in Indonesia, this registration is intended to keep and maintain our communication as well as relation.

-Books Donation For Library.

Library as a knowledge source become a place for students in performing all scientific activities, a spot to synergized their mind and apply their scientific activities. Therefore, to support all their activities, IKAPSI assist their alumni who are willing to give their real contribution by donating some books to STIPSI library in order to enrich their intelligence as well as give much references to their student so it can support their research activities in Yogyakarta Psychology College.

-Fill up Study Tracer Form

To alumni of all period, we kindly request to fill their study tracer form, then they can send it back to our collage email : psikologi.jogja@gmail.com or they can send it by facsimile to : (0274)-5306602

Please kindly download this tracer link below:



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