STIPSI Jogja carried-out the graduation for 2016/2017 academic year. Held in Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel Saturday, April 15th, 2017, this graduation ceremony has done for 8th times in STIPSI Jogja history. The event was opened by the academic senate’s chairman, Neni Widyayanti, S. Psi, was solemnly held and attended by all faculty and staff, trustees, as well as parents and families of graduate’s student, totaling 18 people. The dean of STIPSI Jogja, Adi Heryadi, S. Psi., M.Psi in his speech said that overall, STIPSI Jogja has graduated approximately 165 Bachelor of Psychology who has worked waiting period in an average of 6 months from their graduation. Hopefully this graduate’s student can also be more immediately obtain job or directly accepted in S2 program for those who would continue their studies. Even more STIPSI Jogja’s Dean said that with all competencies which have been prepared during their learning process on STIPSI Jogja campus, he believed the graduate’s student able to compete in MEA era. The Cum-laude graduate’s student in this graduation period was Roy Gustaf Tupen Ama, S. Psi with GPA. 3, 69 in his speech expressed gratitude as graduates representative, he said that he felt comfortable learning on STIPSI Jogja’s campus which has the tagline “Rumahnya Mahasiswa Indonesia” (“Indonesian Student’s House”). Roy also motivated another student who attended the ceremony especially STIPSI Jogja’s Student Choir Activity Unit to diligently and keenly learning so they could graduate on time. While the Founder of STIPSI Jogja, Dr.H.Kalis Purwanto, MM conveyed his appreciation and tribute to the parents of the graduate’s student who have trusted their son/daughter to STIPSI Jogja for their higher education selection, hopefully together as a large family, STIPSI Jogja through Alumni’s Board could maintain this good relation. This ceremony was closed by speeches and motivations by Mr. Erik Hadi, Saputra, S. Comm., M. Eng, the motivator of Amikom Yogyakarta University.

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