Along with the commemoration of National Education Day 2017, New Student Acceptance Committee (PMB) 2017 Sekolah Tinggi Psikologi Yogyakarta (STIPSI Jogja) launched the Ministry of research and technology on Higher Education’s Bidikmisi 2017 scholarship, a program where STIPSI Jogja is granted  a quota for 5 student on 2017/2018 academic year. The amount increased from the previous 2016/2017 academic year that only 4 (four) students received this  Bidikmisi  scholarship from Ministry of research and technology on Higher Education. PMB 2017’s Head, Mss. Neni Widyayanti., S.Psi. in her press release said that prospective students who will make registration to STIPSI Jogja and fulfill all requirements are eligible to join the selection of this program and for those who interested, can send their e-mail address to to obtain terms and procedure how to do the registration. Besides Bidikmisi scholarship from the government, according to the Head of STIPSI Jogja New Student Acceptance Committee (PMB), Sekolah Tinggi Psikologi Yogyakarta foundation also provides Dhuafa scholarship for prospective students who are unable in financially but have a strong commitment to study psychology at STIPSI Jogja. From 15 (fifteen) quota of dhuafa scholarship in 2017, we already got 4 (four) students and still available for 11 (eleven) more quota of student candidate until the end of 1st (first) registration period on 31th May 2017. For more information on this scholarship, please do the same thing with Bidikmisi scholarship method or contact PMB hotline at 0878-3895-5899 (Mss. Neni). The Head of 2017 STIPSI Jogja PMB said that for the 2017/2018 academic year, STIPSI Jogja will receive a maximum of 50 (fifty) prospective students.

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