Vice Chairman of KPK RI Mr. Saut Situmorang, on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 gave a public lecture on Sekolah Tinggi Psikologi Yogyakarta Campus. In front of the entire STIPSI Jogja academic community that consisting of lecturers, students and employees, he describes the KPK (Corruption Elimination Commission) efforts to prevent corruption in Indonesia as the corruption behavior can be caused by many factors as the psychology science must be able to contribute in the formation of anti-corruption character or known as 9 Anti-Corruption values. Meanwhile, The Dean of  Stipsi Jogja, Adi Heryadi, S.Psi., eM.Psi in his speech said that since 2013 STIPSI Jogja has put-in the anti-corruption value as one of the major themes in research activities and community service in STIPSI Jogja and has been founding The Center of Psychological Studies for Anti-Corruption in which began to make various corruption prevention interventions that started with character education through various anti-corruption training for elementary school and junior high school students as well as parenting activities for parents who have children of the early age. The general lecture began on 14.00 pm and ended at 16.00 pm that was closed with dialogue, question and answer between students, lecturers with Vice Chairman of KPK RI.

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