Pusat Kajian Psikologi Anti Korupsi (PKPAK)

Sekolah Tinggi Psikologi Yogyakarta (STIPSI Jogja)


Psychology Centre for Anti-Corruption (PKPAK) is established as actual contribution from STIPSI to eliminate corruption issue in this country. After Training Of Trainer (TOT) Anti-Corruption for lecturers which carried out by General Director of High Education (Dirjen Dikti) and KPK, this Institution is set up to share what they got from the training to all academicians of STIPSI and this Institution also become a media for lecturer and academians to make research,to perform community service also as a media for educating and teaching Anti-Corruption subject.

For the first time Mss. Evianawati, M.Si is assigned as Head of Psychology Centre for Anti-Corruption (PKPAK) and Mr. Rizwan Syah Putra, S.Psi. as daily performer. The Institution which declared by  Head of STIPSI Decree No : 315/STIPSI/SK/X/2014 dated on 20th October, 2014 has starting to arrange some steps, one of them is making syllabus which put that program into credits as STIPSI’s new subject called Anti-Corruption Psychology (PsiAK). This new subject will be started at least on 2016 of academic calendar together with curriculum adjustment based on KKNI.

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