Yogyakarta Psychology College

 Academic Autonomy
(1) In education as well as in science development of higher education there are academic forum autonomy also scientific autonomy;
(2) STiPsi Jogja encouraged the academic autonomy, including academic forum autonomy as well as scientific autonomy, it means that STIPSI’s academians had the autonomy to carry out their academic activities in responsible and independent methods related to education as well as science development;
(3) Academic autonomy means: an authority possessed by acedemians in order to conduct scientific activities such as study’s result  writing, research, discussion, and other scientific activities; academic autonomy provided an opportunity for academians to sought alone or together in favour of knowledge improvement, ideas and opinions analyze as well as scientific discoveries;
(4) The academic forum autonomy as part of academic authority, means that Lecturer also have an autonomy to improve knowledge, analyze some ideas and opinions, also deal freely as well as professionally with research discoveries in accordance with scientific rules and regulations in academic forums such as  general study, symposium, discourses, panel discussions, seminars also examinations as  the implementation of academic education, vocational and profession, which are sistematically performed thus it won’t disrupt our public contitutions;
(5) Academic autonomy as mentioned in paragraph (1) of this Chapter is held on a Campus as physical building of STIPSI Jogja;
(6) Academic forum autonomy can be also held outside of STiPsi Jogja Campus or in another places declared by the assignment letter, as long as those locations are  considered as a specific part or an extension of STiPsi Jogja location;
(7) STiPsi Jogja may invite some experts outside of STiPsi Yogyakarta to express their ideas and opinions, in accordance with scientific rules and regulations  in the context of the academic autonomy implementation;
(8) The academic autonomy is directed to support academians self-development, science,  arrts and technology, national development, and new world constitutions which are more equitable and prosperous;
(9) STiPsi Jogja’s Chairman strive and ensure that each acedemian may carried out academic autonomy in performing their assignment as well as functions independently, in accordance with their personal aspirations, also based on the scientific rules and regulation, and surely not against the policy of their social life, nation, state, as well as international relations;
(10) To carried out academic autonomy as mentioned in paragraph (1) of this Chapter, each academians have to do their best in performing that academic autonomy altogether with its result to improve academic activities in STiPsi Jogja;
(11) STiPsi Jogja realized that academic autonomy imply a very important meaning in scientific knowledge and charity that should not disrupt national satbility as well as international, economic, social, cultural, security, also political stability;
(12) To perform academic autonomy, each academian should be personally responsible for the autonomy implementation as well as the results, which must be adjust to scientific rules and regulations;
(13) To perform academic autonomy as mentioned in paragraph (1) of this Chapter, the STIPSI Jogja Dean give his permission to utilize STIPSI’s resources as long as not intended to harm another person or solely for private benefit as well as not give damaging effect to society, in general;
(14) The implementation of academic autonomy as mentioned in paragraph (1) of this Chapter are carried out by STIPSI Jogja Dean on consideration of The College Senate.
 Scientific Autonomy
(1) STiPsi Jogja is an autonomous institution and its become a center of higher education, scientific research, and community service / dedication;
(2) Scientific autonomy is an activity based on scientific rules and regulation that must be obeyed by academians;
(3) In order to develop science, art and technology, STiPsi Jogja as well as academians refer on scientific autonomy;
(4) Scientific autonomy realization in STiPsi Jogja are arranged, managed, defined and implemented by STIPSI’s Dean on consideration of College senate.


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